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Midterm Exam Study Aids

Midterm Exam and Study Aids

Your midterm exam is scheduled to take place on November 7, 2016. You will be responsible for the all course content discussed in the main course up until that date. It is expected that you will review all material provided by Shanto, and all material presented in your textbook. 

  • The exam typically totals 100 points.
  • 54 points usually come from short definition answers.
  • 46 points often come from two short essays.

For your assistance, the following study aids have been provided below, but they are notsubstitutes for the course content itself.

  1. Flashcards
  2. Matching Game
  3. Study Guide Sheet (see attached .pdf file)

You should read the summaries of papers we discussed in section, and ensure that you understand some of the highlighted key terms.


This is a free flashcard deck of the keyterms we have discussed in the past few sections. This enables you to study definitions directly.

Matching Definitions

This is a matching game, in which you drag and drop key terms to the corresponding definition. This draws upon a smaller number of key terms than the entire flashcard deck, and has more levity.